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Discovering Your Brand

We’ll start by working together to understand your brand messaging, business goals, KPIs, and unique selling propositions. We’ll create a baseline social audit of your current performance and map findings to your target market, competitive landscape, and social media channels.


We develop a customized social media strategy that’s tailored to your business defining social media channels, profile strategy, content calendar, and engagement frequency to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and move prospects through the social sales funnel.

We are a Marketing Agency Based in New York, USA

The Shark Web helps brands to be where their customer is. We place you in front of 100s of potential customers to increase your leads, increase phone calls and eventually, increase sales. 

the shark web

Why “Full Service” Marketing is a Win for You

Some companies specialise in very limited fields. For example, they may only do website design, or perhaps they only do social media management, or print marketing, or SEO, and so on. 

It could be said that because they only do one thing, they do it very well. But the drawback for clients is the need to deal with multiple agencies, all doing different things in separate silos. 

The overall result can all-too-easily be marketing activities that are too diffused, undirected, or have conflicting strategic goals.

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Growing isn’t easy. But with a Social Link, you can build up your brand and audience with their marketing services and digital strategies.